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SENSIMO festival

sensimo festival

 SENSIMO festival - "моrе sensers , моrе sense " is an art platform, which combines audio, visual art, spatial installations, 3D mapping projection, workshops on writing electronic music and audio-reactive performance. Sensimo festival project was created in August 2013 on the Black Sea coast by Misha Strukturator and Yuriy Jofik. Since that time Sensimo Festival takes place in different locations with same concept which is popularization author's experemental digital audio and visual content.
Sensimo official teaser  

SENSIMO on facebook:                    https://www.facebook.com/SensimoFestival/

WLC aka wilsiwelsi
WLC aka WilsiWelsi is media art name for algorithmic visual art  and 3D mapping of Misha Strukturator.  


KEFIR LAB is music project consisting of three charismatic young men. It combins relentless rhythms of acoustic drums (Kripton),soar saxophone melody (Alexandr Protzenko) and electronic life improvisation (Misha Strukturator)

wlc aka wilsiwelsi strukturator kefir lab

Kefir Lab @ Cube Catalyst by Sensimo Festival 25/04/2015

Dubteklab is techno music collective consisting of two unique electronic musicians Midi8 (Vualitron Voloshin) and Misha Strukturator which appeared in 2009 in Kyiv. Dubteklab project provides life performance act improvisation masterly juggling a variety of electronic sounds and instruments.  

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